Saturday, 12 November 2011

We went to go feed the ducks at the river today, we haven't done it for months and the second we started I remembered why!
This photo doesn't look that bad. But honestly birds were swooping so close to me and I was terrified. Then Cam (lovely husband) decided to go buy more bread so we could do it all again! 
Molly (silly daughter) decided today that she would like to wear sandals, even though it had rained last night and it's November. It resulted in this...

The socks came off and ended up in my pocket, we'd JUST thrown the bread bag away. And off we went to the park :)
Lovely Cam bought me a surprise icecream. Can you guess the flavour? It took me a while-

Christmas Pudding! And it was great, I feel quite festive now :) And Silly Molly added to her death warmed up look by getting a bubblegum icecream and turning her lips blue.

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