Monday, 14 November 2011

I made a cake for lovely Cam's friend today. His birthday is tomorrow and no one's ever made him a cake before! I thought this was super sad and needed remedying. I made the cake and rather foolishly didn't take any photos of it being made :/ I'm a div. He said to make what ever flavour goes best in a cake but there was too many yummy options so I did a 3 layer cake with chocolate at the bottom, cinnamon in the middle and a vanilla layer on the top. I filled and crumb coated it with vanilla frosting and iced it afterwards. I also had a very shaky first attempt at writing with icing. It doesn't look too bad - 

We'll be taking it to him in the morning.
Also our brand spanking new tv arrived today! James (my brother) bought it for us for Christmas, just in time too cause our old one was a bit unreliable. 
So in all the excitement and cake making I completely forgot that we had invited the missionary Sisters of our church around for dinner. I had to dash out to the shop and rustle up a quick pasta dish and some garlic bread. Thank goodness Cam remembered in time!
Lovely Cam is trying to get to grips with the new tv and I'm going to go wrap Molly's birthday presents. 

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